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Full rang of Black light painting, Portrait painting, indian folk painting

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Our Black light painting, Fluorescent paintings from a family of Painters from the All over India.

In doing so we hope to reach out to a much bigger arena to exhibit the fabulous work of our talented artists. The tradition of painting in Rajasthan is centuries old and we are continuing this into the 21st century bringing you both ancient Indian art and New Modern designs in Flourescent colours.UV colours & normal regular colours

Our Artist

 Many of our artists directly follow their family heritage, their paintings are an ongoing link to the past. The old world and the new world brought together! 

Painting Gallery

 The website gallery hopes to bring to you the best in contemporary and period Indian art. We have an extensive collection of art works from flourescent colour & Normal colour which you can buy online. Our aim is to give people round the globe easy access to good Indian Art In its 19 year of business. 

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